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The Company

Preserva is a company founded in 1982 dedicated to timber treatement with more that 25 years in the market, it is the pioneer in the field having tha largest installed capacity in Chile and distinguished history and prestige, developing INDUSTRIAL facilities in Lampa, Talca, and Los Angeles.

PRESERVA has developed a production capacity of 30,000 m³. per year in different products such as poles for vineyards, agriculture and fruit, poles for power lines, telephone and timber for construction.

PRESERVA performs the treatment for radiata pine timber, with the vacuum pressure system, using CCA-C preservative, among others, in strict compliance with domestic and international standards. This treatment is controlled and certified by "Fundación Chile", which ensures durability over 30 years. Chile has an area of 2.0 million hectares planed with Radiata Pine, which ensures a constant supply of raw material required for compliance in the operation of these products.

Dirección: Av Providencia 2601 Of. 32 , Providencia, Santiago Teléfono: (+562) 2234 1288